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Herding Elephants - Wrangling a 3,500-module Gradle project
Roughly seven months ago, in April, the Mobile Developer Experience Android (MDXA) team embarked on a journey to modernize the code responsible for building everything—that is, the build logic. 
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We’ve been playing with Molecule on the side for about five months now. It’s not ready for a 1.0 because there are some tradeoffs in how we’re using Compose and in the shape of our APIs that we’re not 100% sure are the right ones to make. As of this week the library is public and has been integrated into Cash App for more real-world testing.
Today, we're sharing more of our work in open source and committing to developing more of our internal tools in the open.
In this post, we will look at the journey that the GoDaddy Studio Android team took with how UI state is managed across the app. We will cover MVVM and how it caused issues, the initial MVI implementation and the issues we faced. Finally, we will look at how we landed on using Spotify’s Mobius Framework for managing state.
For at least 7 years I have been playing with “alternative” Android architectures in a professional context. This blog post is a brief overview to an architecture I have been using for the last two production projects for which I was Android Lead and outlines a high level introduction to a production-level runtime-centric application.
Libraries and useful resources
Kover - Gradle plugin for Kotlin code coverage agents: IntelliJ and JaCoCo.
Cook up app icons for any platform
Welcome to Now in Android, your ongoing guide to what’s new and notable in the world of Android development.
Class of the week
A helper class to provide the number of spans each item occupies.
Beyond Android
Can we move our development environment from our local machines to a remote server, and interact with it through a browser-mediated IDE?