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10 things you might be doing wrong when using the SafetyNet Attestation API
The SafetyNet Attestation API helps you assess the security and compatibility of the Android environments in which your apps run. Since it was introduced in March 2015, many developers have successfully integrated it into their Android apps to make more informed decisions based on the integrity and compatibility of the devices running their apps.
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Retaining users when they migrate to a new Android device, or when they reinstall your app, can be tricky, but Android backup APIs can help!

This article examines how to handle navigation patterns when restoring to full screen from a Picture in Picture (PIP) window.

This article is a part of “Secure data in Android” series:

In the recent Oreo release, Android gained initial support for color management — which helps match color outputs across devices. 
You can use lambda as a listener if you create only one instance of it.
Functional Data Types & Abstractions for Kotlin
KotlinConf 2017 playlist.
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Specification of how a key or key pair is secured when imported into the Android Keystore system
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