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15 best Android emulators for PC and Mac of 2021
We talk a lot about emulating PC experiences on our phones, but what about putting phones on PC? Let's look at the best Android emulators!

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Today, most of the apps are supporting offline first functionality and everyone is using Room for that.

by Leland Takamine and Gergely Orosz

Learn how to use Android’s drag-and-drop framework to enable an advanced gesture-based user experience.

Gradle 7.0 introduced a new feature called type-safe project accessors, which make our life easier to handle project dependencies.

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🎞 A demo movie app using Jetpack Compose and Hilt based on modern Android tech stacks.
Welcome to the testing episode of the Modern Android Development Skills series on Hilt.

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An Access Point Name (APN) configuration for a carrier data connection.
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Github Copilot Security Study: Developer Should Remain Awake as GitHub Copilot is Generating Insecure Code In 40% Of Circumstances During Experiment.