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20 Android Dev Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
A set of helpful and not-so-common Android tools and libraries.
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How we migrated our Android endpoints out of a monolith into a new microservice.
For developers, Android 11 has a ton of new capabilities. You’ll want to check out conversation notifications, device and media controls, one-time permissions, enhanced 5G support, IME transitions, and so much more.
Your trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs) are the organizations that you trust to guarantee the signatures of your encrypted traffic and content. That's a lot of power, and the list of trusted authorities is dangerous to mess around with.
Today we want to tell you more about WiFi scanning on different versions of Android devices and the restrictions you could meet during the development process.
Libraries and useful resources
Turn Google Spreadsheet to JSON endpoint (for Android and JVM).
Text-ray goggles for your Android views.
In this episode of Talking with Apples I speak to Sean who is a Developer Advocate on the Android team about Jetpack Compose being in Alpha. We dive into what it is, how it came about, the different components and even architectures that work well with Compose.
Class of the week
Class for interacting with the device's UI by simulation user actions and introspection of the screen content. It relies on the platform accessibility APIs to introspect the screen and to perform some actions on the remote view tree. It also allows injecting of arbitrary raw input events simulating user interaction with keyboards and touch devices.
Beyond Android
These are the five most annoying inaccessible web elements I face as a blind screen reader user every day, and how to fix them.