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Bugsnag Blog - The Dex File Format

Learn about the Dex file format through an in-depth example and how minification and obfuscation lead to a better Android application.

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In-app billing is a powerful part of the Android framework that allows us to easily monetise our applications with in-app purchases and…

In the last post, we learned about higher order functions and closures. In this one, we’ll talk about functional error handling.

If we want to create better apps, I believe that we need to follow material design guideline.In general terms, Material design is a three…

The thing is, creating basic vector icons and illustrations in a specific style is much easier than you think, as I recently found out for myself. In fact, I’m convinced that by mastering five essential concepts, you’ll be able to create most of what you need by yourself. In this five-part series

groupie - Groupie helps you display and manage complex RecyclerView layouts.

In this episode Donn talks to React Native magician Ryan Salva. React native and cross-platform development is typically one of our most requested topics so we kick the new year off with React Native.

While in SF for KotlinConf 2017, Huyen chats with Hadi Hariri, VP of Developer Advocacy at JetBrains, about developer advocacy and Kotlin. This episode is a ...

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Observer base class for watching changes to an RecyclerView.Adapter. See registerAdapterDataObserver(AdapterDataObserver).

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