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Android 12 Beta 2 Update
Beta 2 adds new privacy features like the Privacy Dashboard and continues our work of refining the release.
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Error-handling with Coroutines has always been a confusing point for many developers, and that’s because of a number of reasons.
In the wake of the ultimate @here, a reminder to never test notifications in production.
A Gradle plugin which validates the licenses of your dependency graph match what you expect, or it fails your build!
Following coroutine’s best practices, you might need to inject an application-scoped CoroutineScope in some classes to launch new…
Libraries and useful resources
An overview of the new Material Design catalog for Jetpack Compose
Did you miss the latest in Android 12 at Google I/O 2021? Android Software Engineer Chet Haase will recap the top three themes in Android 12 from this year’s...
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System service to access domain verification APIs. 
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