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Android 12 Beta 5 update, official release is next!
We’re just a few weeks away from the official release of Android 12! 
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KSP offers similar functionality to the Kotlin Annotation Processing Tool (KAPT), however it’s up to 2x faster, offers direct access to Kotlin language constructs, and offers support for multiplatform targets.
I recently stumbled on a term that was brought up in a few conversations related to Jetpack Compose. It's being referred to as “donut-hole skipping” . The name certainly intrigued me enough to go down the rabbit hole, or in this case, the donut hole 
Learn how to use the new RenderEffect API in Android 12 to efficiently add custom styles to your views like blurs, saturation, offset, and more.
A big part of working at Clubhouse is acknowledging that we will face challenges, and that there is no blueprint laid out for us. In moments like these we are scrappy and resourceful, knowing that we have no choice but to figure it out. In the end, we always find a way, which is one of our core values.
Libraries and useful resources
Trackr is a sample task management app used to explore common UI patterns from the perspective of supporting accessibility.
We’ll look at how Hilt uses annotation processors to generate code, and some of the benefits provided by the Hilt Gradle plugin.
Class of the week
Representation of a clipped data on the clipboard.
Beyond Android
In this blog, we’ll write an emulator that can run a ‘Hello World’ Android ELF binary. While doing this, we will learn how to go about writing our own emulators.