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A modern approach to Android development, with Jetpack Compose and more!
Perhaps as a consequence of Android's flexibility, we often get asked by developers what does the Android team recommend when it comes to building apps? You’ve told us: you love our openness..but you’d also love us to marry it with an opinion about the right way to do things.

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How about structuring development around ViewModel? How can we write it as States and Events? With Kotlin coroutines, Mockk or even Arrow..

Extension functions are a great feature. Although they started being overused what leads to problems we don’t know how to solve yet.
Within Android Studio 4.0 Canary 1 we can start exploring Jetpack compose, a new way to build the UI for your android applications in a declarative manner. 
Android has never been so pleasant to work with: Jetpack and Architecture Components improved our lives in so many ways introducing easy ways to deal with Lifecycle, state retention and so many other common tasks that are part of every day’s Android Developer work.
Libraries and useful resources
This sample shows how to implement an audio media app that works across multiple form factors and provide a consistent user experience on Android phones, tablets, Auto, Wear and Cast devices.
In this session, we provide updates and demos on new developments & features in Android Studio and how the tools can integrate into your app development workflow. 
The Android theming system is powerful, but easy to misuse. Proper use of it can make your layouts easier to maintain and support dark themes or implement material theming to systematically customize Material Design to better reflect your product’s brand.
Class of the week
Estimates magnetic field at a given point on Earth, and in particular, to compute the magnetic declination from true north.
Beyond Android
Let me introduce you to this picturesque text editor and its wonders, and show you why we’re still using it 26 years after its first release.