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A Guide to Beacon Technology in 2020
Need a fully-fledged navigation system for under a couple hundred bucks?

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But one of the most requested features from developers has been to give users the ability to leave a review from within the app, without heading back to the App Details page. So today, we’re pleased to launch the new in-app review API to address that need.
In this post I show how you can trick Android into displaying an SMS as coming from any contact on a victim’s phone. The trick is convincing and easy, and the Android vulnerability is still unpatched. I then show how I stumbled onto it, reported it, and how Google ignored it.
Material motion system, Sliders, ShapeableImageView, and more

Paging 3.0 is a major update over the previous versions of Paging Architecture Component of Android.

Libraries and useful resources
⌚Kotlin intuitive Date extensions. Contribute to cesarferreira/tempo development by creating an account on GitHub.
A small testing library for kotlinx.coroutines Flow

We’ve redesigned Google Play Console to help you achieve what you want faster, with new and improved features like education pages, policy guidance, a search function, and more to help you maximize your success. Take a guided tour with Dan White, Google Play Console's lead engineer, and learn about new features and best practices, and participate in a live Q&A.

Class of the week
Provides a mechanism for apps to query restrictions imposed by an entity that manages the user. Apps can also send permission requests to a local or remote device administrator to override default app-specific restrictions or any other operation that needs explicit authorization from the administrator.
Beyond Android
There’s a growing concern about the ability to carry out drone operations in different weather conditions. Here's how to keep your drone safe.