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Android Developers Blog: Android Studio switching to D8 dexer
Faster, smarter app compilation is always a goal for the Android tools teams. That's why we previously announced D8, a next-generation dex compiler. D8 runs faster and produces smaller .dex files with equivalent or better runtime performance when compared to the historic compiler - DX.

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Recently I realized that there is a confusion relating the usage of properties and functions.

Android is committed to keeping users, their devices, and their data safe. One of the ways that we keep data safe is by protecting all data that enters or leaves an Android device with Transport Layer Security (TLS) in transit. As we announced in our Android P developer preview, we're further improving these protections by preventing apps that target Android P from allowing unencrypted connections, by default.

If you have ever developed a mobile app or a website using Firebase Realtime Database, you must have written security rules.

Still on the fence with Kotlin when it comes to Android development? While it seems daunting, Kotlin is a very easy language to get in to if you're fluent in Java. The following article will show you the differences between Java and Kotlin code in an Android app.

Part 2 — Cancelling Execution

android - cSploit - The most complete and advanced IT security professional toolkit on Android.

In this episode of Fragmented, we kick off another 2 part series. This time it’s with the Kotlin Arrow team!
By now we’ve all read the documentation and tutorials, but how easy is it to use these intriguing new tools in a production application? (Spoiler alert: they’re pretty helpful)
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The interface through which an application interacts with the Android backup service to request backup and restore operations. Applications instantiate it using the constructor and issue calls through that instance. 
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