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Animations in Navigation Compose
Introducing Accompanist Navigation Animation!
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While there are many samples and tutorials available to learn the practical particulars of Jetpack Compose, often terms are used without explanation. This article aims to clarify these terms for readers unfamiliar with their meaning.
Learn how to integrate the powerful detekt tool in Android app development to help detect and prevent code smells during the development process. 
We ended up improving our app startup time by 70% and this is the story of how we did it.
Navigation-Compose (well, kinda) has an exciting new feature: Support for bottom sheet destinations!
Libraries and useful resources
A Gradle Plugin to generate your networking code from Swagger
Dan Galpin covers updates on Jetpack Compose 1.0, Android Studio Arctic Fox, MAD Skills: Performance, Privacy, Security Safety, and much more!
Class of the week
Indicates the contexts in which an annotation type is applicable.
Beyond Android
Simple tutorial making professional-looking documentation page on Github