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Announcing Jetpack Compose Beta!
Compose offers modern, declarative Kotlin APIs, helping you build beautiful, responsive apps with way less code.
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The design language creates the personality of the product, a unique identity that helps your mobile app stand out in a group of similar products. 
If you are an Android developer, chances are you might have been working on your own Android libraries. A library is a useful way to…
This article solves the problem of horizontal scroll position lost when scrolling vertically and horizontal scroll gestures being registered as vertical.
This is the fourth in a series of articles which cover the fundamentals of using RecyclerView. 
Libraries and useful resources
The Gradle plugin which collects all analytics screen names, events, and user properties for Android projects
Build your first Jetpack Compose tests with Android Developer Relations Engineer Jose Alcérreca. Learn how to use Compose's testing artifacts to write UI tests, use test rules, finders and assertions.
Class of the week
Identifies a ViewModel for construction injection.
Beyond Android
Observations from watching my team at Square produce stellar work while moving fast and not breaking things.