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App performance to drive app excellence
Let’s focus on the concept of app performance — what are the features of high performing apps, and how do you achieve app excellence through strong performance?
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WorkManager 2.6 is not compatible with apps targeting Android 12 (API level 31). So once your app is targeting Android 12, you should instead switch to using WorkManager 2.7
The tutorial will guide you through the Modular Architecture in Android applications
One of the things we should be doing as Android developers is to ensure that our apps are as accessible as possible.
Recently, I wrote an article on how I implemented a repeating button using Jetpack Compose. After reading the article, a coworker posed the question: “What if I use that modifier on something besides a Button?” Let’s find out.
Libraries and useful resources
A Swift and Kotlin library for making composable state machines, and UIs driven by those state machines. 
In episode four of Modern Android Development Skills series on Hilt, Android Software Engineer Daniel Santiago overviews extensions for Hilt
Class of the week
Base class for custom android.view.Views implemented using Jetpack Compose UI.
Beyond Android
We’ll be talking about the impact of code reviews on the day-to-day life of a software engineer.