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Architecture components - I'm not a purist but ...
At I/O 2017 Google surprised us with a new initiative: Architecture Components. I really appreciate this initiative. In this blog post I would like to share my thoughts about ViewModel and some pitfalls you might stumble upon when using ViewModel and LiveData by taking a look at the official Google samples.
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Show me the numbers!
Looking beneath the tip of the iceberg.
One thing that struck me after I started playing with the new ViewModel announced at Google I/O was that it brings a big change for view related data. Let me explain that.
Advancing your Kotlin conversion with Android Studio.

Back in April, I pointed out that Android 8.0’s autofill ignores FLAG_SECURE.
Shortrain uses the App Shortcuts API to allow you to add rails to your home screen, set their rotation and run a train across the screen between other home screen icons.

Record and replay OkHttp network interaction in your tests.

Dynamic control over vector drawables!

While in Chicago for Chicago Roboto, Huyen asks Jessica Moon, designer at DramaFever, about how to streamline your team's Android design and development process to help designers and developers find common ground and ship faster!
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Specialization of EditText for showing and interacting with the extracted text in a full-screen input method.

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