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Think before using BuildConfig.DEBUG
Last week I was working on a feature that syncs data between phone and backend. That sync mechanism is triggered under certain conditions and we needed a way to bypass those conditions and. force the sync when enabling some preference in debug mode. Leaving aside the details, the resulting code was something like the following...
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So you want to be a Kotlin programmer? You've come to the right place! Your adventure starts here in Chapter 1, where you'll learn all about variables, expressions, and types.

A brief introduction to the basics of coroutine cancellation.

The floating action button is an important component in mobile applications – allowing us to showcase primary actions for our users to carry out. Within Jetpack Compose we can create Floating Action Buttons in a variety of ways, with the approaches giving us greater flexibility than how we would currently create FABs within XML layouts.
Often we need to represent a limited set of possibilities; a web request either succeeds or fails, a User can only be a Pro-User or a standard user.
Details matter especially when it comes to making users happy. We have all kinds of users, those who don't care how the app is designed (just do what he/she needs), those who care, and those who are developers themselves. I have met people who don't use a single app just because it has some strange animation, and they hate it.
Libraries and useful resources
Useful libraries and inspiring projects to help you on your mobile journey

In this special episode recorded for International Women's Day, we're joined with our good friends and colleague Svetlana Isakova, Florina Muntenescu, Huyen Tue Dao, and Christina Lee to discuss amongst other things what idiomatic Kotlin is, the importance of style guides, comprehensible code, and many other things!
Class of the week
A description of an Intent and target action to perform with it. The returned object can be handed to other applications so that they can perform the action you described on your behalf at a later time.
Beyond Android
The new proof establishes that quantum computers that calculate with entangled quantum bits or qubits, rather than classical 1s and 0s, can theoretically be used to verify answers to an incredibly vast set of problems. The correspondence between entanglement and computing came as a jolt to many researchers.