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Never run Google ads if you have an Android app
Google can and will permanently ban your Android app if Google thinks you’ve clicked on your own ads.

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After exploring the Jetpack Compose Canvas in a previous article, this new post will explain how you can draw and use a custom Shape.

Prepare some tea/coffee because I will not share just five methods or 20 methods, but the different areas in which we improving our code.
Our journey, goals, and motivations

How I managed to speed up app startup speed from 1.5s to mere 200ms.

Libraries and useful resources
This is an open-source, mobile, cross-platform application built with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. 
This is the original story of how Uber was built … this is a fascinating story. You don’t want to miss this.
Class of the week
HG is an audio post-processor which generates haptic data based on the audio channels. The generated haptic data is sent along with audio data down to the audio HAL, which will require the device to support audio-coupled-haptic playback.
Beyond Android
Are you tired of this towardsdatascience/medium tutorials and posts about deep learning? Don’t panic. © Take another one.