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Busting Android performance myths
Find out how Android performance myths stand up to testing.
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In this article, we're going to build some MVI View Models on Android and explore how we can test them efficiently.
My journey through the future of Android UIs.
The Paging library helps you load and display pages of data from a larger dataset from local storage or over network. This approach allows your app to use both network bandwidth and system resources more efficiently. The components of the Paging library are designed to fit into the recommended Android app architecture, integrate cleanly with other Jetpack components, and provide first-class Kotlin support.
Discover how to create a Docker image and remotely access the debugging information.
Libraries and useful resources
Moshi Extensions.
Welcome to the Motion Tags series, in this series of short clips, we will introduce you to all the tags associated with MotionLayout!
Class of the week
This class enables generating a PDF document from native Android content. You create a new document and then for every page you want to add you start a page, write content to the page, and finish the page. After you are done with all pages, you write the document to an output stream and close the document.
Beyond Android
From Java 8 to 15