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Background Task Inspector
With the Background Task Inspector, you can easily monitor the status of a worker, see its relationship with other chained workers, or inspect details, such as the worker output, frequency, and other timing information. Let’s see what the Background Task Inspector can do on a sample project.
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Infinum Academy
Infinum Academy is a free 5-week summer programming course for students. Join us on May 18 at 5pm for a virtual info event where you’ll get to meet your mentors, ask as many questions as you'd like, and find out everything you need to know to apply. Infinum Academy is intended for Croatian students and will be held in Croatian.
Exploring different approaches to create infinite auto-scrolling lists on Android.

I know you like RxJava, but…

In this article I would like to share my experience with all types of tests on Android and how I managed to achieve a nice degree of unification by making all my tests look the same (unit and instrumentation).
Libraries and useful resources
This is a book that I hope can give some reassurance (and potentially guidance or inspiration) if you're building a large Android app. I've noticed how large companies tend to reinvent the wheel in silos, from build systems to automated testing and others. It might also be a book that helps explain to non-mobile folks why mobile, in my opinion, is just as complex (if not more) than backend or web systems. More than 30 Android and iOS engineers and engineering managers helped review and extend Building Mobile Apps at Scale: 39 engineering challenges.
ModernStorage is a group of libraries that provide an abstraction layer over storage on Android to simplify its interactions.
In this episode, Donn talks with Mitch Tabian about Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, also known as KMM.
Class of the week
Abstract callback class for applications to receive updates about the Wi-Fi subsystem restarting. The Wi-Fi subsystem can restart due to internal recovery mechanisms or via user action.
Beyond Android
Huawei development team mails an HKSP (Huawei Kernel Self Protection) Linux patch with a backdoor to Linux Foundation, Huawei denies involvement.