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Kotlin + buildSrc for Better Gradle Dependency Management – Handstand Sam
Multi-module Android projects are now the recommended way to take advantages of performance improvements with Android Gradle Plugin 3+.  However, as we add more modules to our project, we quickly run into the issue of dependency management.
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RecyclerView is a really useful way of displaying content in list form, particularly when the content is dynamic and / or there are large numbers of items. One thing that can be really useful is th…

One of the great things about Kotlin is that it supports functional programming.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are one of the trending topics of the business. Google, a leader in this field, has…

What happens to app usage and accessibility when people get new phones? The feedback we've had is that people want apps to work straight out of the box, just like on their old phones.

LearnDagger - List of Resources and links to learn Dagger 2


folding-cell-android - :octocat: 📃 FoldingCell is a material design expanding content cell inspired by folding paper material made by @Ramotion

In this episode we catch up with a highly energetic but sick Christina Lee about the delightful details in the Pinterest app, delving with the dark side (Swift), giving live coding presentation talks and touching on some Kotlin details like covariance and contravariance. Listen on for a power-packed 40 minutes.
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Resource bundles contain locale-specific objects. When your program needs a locale-specific resource, a String for example, your program can load it from the resource bundle that is appropriate for the current user's locale. In this way, you can write program code that is largely independent of the user's locale isolating most, if not all, of the locale-specific information in resource bundles.
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