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Android Developers Blog: Android Q Scoped Storage: Best Practices and Updates

Application Sandboxing is a core part of Android’s design, isolating apps from each other. In Android Q, taking the same fundamental principle from Application Sandboxing, we introduced Scoped Storage.

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Kotlin is a very feature rich language with and the subtleties of some of these features are worthy of some exploration to fully appreciate. In this ad-hoc series we’ll look at some of these, and in this article we’ll look at function references and some of the really nice tricks that we can achieve with them.

Now that we have a clear idea on how a modularized app could look like how can this be applied to an existing app?

My professional career started in college with Java 1.0. I started working during the bright Write-Once-Run-Anywhere heyday. We were finally going to get one platform!
Over the past 10 years iOS and Android have not only grown and matured, but increasingly converged as well...
Gradle plugin to deploy Android Snapshot Versions. Contribute to xmartlabs/android-snapshot-publisher development by creating an account on GitHub.
Efficient JPEG operations for Android without the risk of an OutOfMemoryException.
Hannes talked to Rebecca Franks how the Over android app uses canvas to create an interactive editor. Rebecca shared some tips and tricks how to work efficiently with Canvas, Bitmaps, which architecture Rebecca's team has chosen and how they test their app.
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Base class for loading pages of snapshot data into a PagedList. DataSource is queried to load pages of content into a PagedList. A PagedList can grow as it loads more data, but the data loaded cannot be updated. If the underlying data set is modified, a new PagedList / DataSource pair must be created to represent the new data.
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Since the early days of Realm, our goal has been to provide better solutions for building modern, mobile-first applications. From the strong community adopting our open-source database to enterprises using Realm Platform and data synchronization, we are striving to empower developers with tools across a wide range of platforms and use cases to develop better apps faster.