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Testing in-app purchases on Android – Bleeding Edge – Medium

An addendum to the official documentation

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After implementing your Realtime Database, you’re going to want to set up some security so your users’ data is in safe hands. It took me a long time to get my head around writing these rules. There’s nothing wrong with the official docs on the subject, but the details span over so many pages. Let’s… Read more

Today we launched the latest version of the Android Wear SDK (2.2.0) with several watch face related enhancements. These include the addition of an unread notification indicator for all watch faces, which is planned to be part of the upcoming consumer release of Android Wear, in mid-February.

We might all have heard about the impending day of judgement, when new and existing Android apps will be required to target API level 26…

Kotlin Multiplatform allows sharing code across JVM & JS platforms. In this post we will have a deeper look into it with an example project on Github.

Apps bring devices to life -- letting you book a ride instantly, connect and share memories with friends, be alerted about current events, play games with someone across the globe, and get work done in the office or on the road.

The Novoda team at looks at the current state of things for the more popular iOS and Android cross-platform frameworks. How do they stack up?

Android library to simplify Fingerprint authentication implementation.

Class of the week
ContentLoadingProgressBar implements a ProgressBar that waits a minimum time to be dismissed before showing. Once visible, the progress bar will be visible for a minimum amount of time to avoid "flashes" in the UI when an event could take a largely variable time to complete (from none, to a user perceivable amount)
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