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Bridging the gap between coroutines, JVM threads, and concurrency problems
Learn about how coroutines are actually executed in the JVM, how they relate to threads, and the concurrency issues that you can face.

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Annotation processing is a powerful tool that allows you to pack more data into your code, and then use that data to generate more code.

Every Disposable holds a strong reference to the observer it binds. This can lead to surprising memory leaks.

Hello everyone! My name is Sergey. I work in the Tinkoff team. Today I want to tell you how we in Tinkoff came to the classic testing pyramid.
You can eliminate these fragment issues with code review
Libraries and useful resources
KeePass implementation for android with material design and deluxe features.
Check out our two new talks.  Jumpstart your launch time and  Viewbinding - Handle your Views better.
Joe Birch shares the joys of transparent and asynchronous work through his interview in ‘Living By The Code.’
Class of the week
An abstract class that allows the user to define how to merge a list of inputs to a ListenableWorker.
Beyond Android
To streamline the productivity of the JFrog Platform we will be sunsetting Bintray (including JCenter), GoCenter, and ChartCenter services on May 1st, 2021.