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RenderEffect - Blur
At the time of writing, March 202, the initial developer preview of Android 12 has recently arrived. Android 12 will have a design system refresh named Material NEXT, if the many rumours are true.
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Do you ever open the app and cannot read the full text because it's cut off in some way?
Lift the curtain on Android Windows!
In the previous article, we explored how Java and Kotlin can interact with each other, and some considerations in this regard. In this second edition, we will keep reflecting on some relevant aspects to consider when Java is calling Kotlin.
Every developer will ask herself these questions when writing a new activity — here are quick answers when doing so using our Clean MVVM Activity Lifecycle:
Libraries and useful resources
Development environment for Android Jetpack extension libraries under the androidx namespace. Synchronized with Android Jetpack's primary development branch on AOSP.
Mac menu bar app for common adb tools.
Save any View, SurfaceView or Bitmap in your Android apps as an image with just one line. QuickShot also works with scoped storage.

Welcome to the first episode of the Android Code-Along series where you can watch Android experts code, tackle programming challenges, and answer your questions live!
Class of the week
Logic for parsing a text message typed by the user looking for smileys, urls, acronyms,formatting (e.g., '*'s for bold), me commands (e.g., "/me is asleep"), and punctuation. It constructs an array, which breaks the text up into its constituent pieces, which we return to the client.
Beyond Android
Microsoft-owned Github pulls down proof-of-concept code posted by researcher.