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How to create a Navigation Drawer with Jetpack Compose
A step by step guide on how to use Jetpack Compose to build a Navigation Drawer
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If your app integrates with a server API, mocking server responses is important for tests. In unit tests it's easy to mock the object doing the API calls, but on a UI test it's harder. We're going to show how to mock Retrofit API calls in UI tests with a quick solution using MockWebServer and Hilt.

Just in time for Jetpack Compose 1.0

Learn how to use the Android Sleep API in your Kotlin apps to track when the user is asleep, awake, how long they slept, and the confidence of the results.

In this modern Android architecture article, we show you how to use the MVI pattern basing it on Kotlin Coroutines and Jetpack Compose.
Libraries and useful resources
A small testing library for kotlinx.coroutines Flow
Official Android SDK for Stream Chat. Powerful client, offline support, and UI component libraries for awesome in-app chat features.
In this episode, Dan Galpin introduces the Android Game Development Kit, which includes tools and libraries that simplify Android game development.

Class of the week
Class that can be used to lock and unlock the keyguard. The actual class to control the keyguard locking is KeyguardManager.KeyguardLock.
Beyond Android
Unit testing is one of my favorite software engineering techniques. In our industry, the word “testing” is strongly associated with the word “bug”, so the common belief is that unit tests help find/eradicate/prevent bugs. And while this is not untrue, there’s much more that unit testing can offer!