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Delegating Delegates to Kotlin
One way to get some work done is to delegate that work to another party. No, I am not talking about delegating your work to your friend, but delegating work from one object to another.
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We are happy to share with you the release of version 1.0 of our multiplatform serialization library, kotlinx.serialization. As the first stable version of the library, we can finally consider it prod

Why your app needs it
This article is a concise summary of various articles and talks about the use of Kotlin coroutines in Android.

At Over, we’ve recently translated our app into 12 new languages. This meant that our release process started to get a bit more tedious as more steps were introduced into making a new release for the Google Play Store. We were starting to feel the fatigue of manually completing the exact same steps for every release. 

Libraries and useful resources
A persistent background service library for Android
If you need to overload a function instead of implementing the same function multiple times, you can use default arguments. Default arguments can be applied to constructors as well. Watch now to see more from Florina’s tutorial on default arguments in this episode of Kotlin Vocabulary. 

Class of the week
Utility class to aid in matching URIs in content providers.
Beyond Android
Pragmatic Programmer is a book everyone should read at the start of their career. The earlier the better.