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Demystifying the new Dagger Android module
Recent Dagger version 2.10 introduced major API changes to how dependencies are injected in an Android application. 
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One of the most compelling reason for using RxJava is the possibility to easily combine asynchronous sequences of Observable. 

Create your first GraphQL Android App with Apollo Android and explore how GrahQL can make your app fast.

In this article, Aritra Roy is going to share some of the best tools to improve your development productivity and build better Android apps.
Bedanta Bikash Borah shares some difficulties he faced while refactoring an existing android app for Instant App support.

In this talk, Ryan Cooke provides pros, cons, gotchas and best practices for tools solving many common Android problems.

Flowr is a small library that simplifies Fragment navigation by providing a wrapper class around the FragmentManager.
Valera Zakharov, who used to be on the Espresso team at Google, now works at Slack. He shares how Slack runs Espresso tests on Firebase Test Lab, how to fix the inverted testing pyramid with the MVP pattern, and his thought of flaky tests and code coverage.
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This class encapsulates scrolling. You can use scrollers (Scroller or OverScroller) to collect the data you need to produce a scrolling animation.
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