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Keeping Secrets Safe in Android Projects
You can never be too cautious with your secrets.

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Motion helps make a UI expressive and easy to use.
Using AndroidX artefacts might give the feeling of false security when it comes to newer API calls. Let’s talk about this!
Handle Network Fetch, Error, Exception, and Cancellation with Kotlin Coroutine.
In Android development WebSockets are not as common as REST calls that’s why I find it very useful to share a full example of WebSocket implementation with Kotlin Channel and coroutines. Also some additional reasoning on why I am using Channel and not Flow.
Libraries and useful resources
Coilifier-Android is an open source extension library for Android to use Glide in a more Coil way.
📝 A curated list of awesome JetpackCompose libraries, projects, articles and resources.
WorkManager provides a set of APIs that makes it easy to schedule asynchronous tasks for immediate or deferred execution that are expected to run even if the app is closed or the device restarts. For Kotlin users, WorkManager provides first-class support for coroutines. In this video, you’ll learn the basics of WorkManager with coroutines by building on the WorkManager codelab.
Class of the week
Class for utilities and convenience calls for opening a qualifying web page as a Trusted Web Activity. Trusted Web Activity is a fullscreen UI with no visible browser controls that hosts web pages meeting certain criteria.
Beyond Android
Investigating extra security measures at one of the world's biggest digital storefronts.