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All About PendingIntents
Since Android 12 includes important changes to pending intents, including a change that requires explicitly deciding when a PendingIntent is mutable or immutable, it would be helpful to talk more about them
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With JCenter shutting down, many are migrating to Maven Central. And while there are many posts on how to publish new artifacts, also all existing artifacts should be migrated away from JCenter.
Dan Lew describes how to get an “equivalent of PublishSubject for coroutines.”
Learn how the addRepeatingJob API protects you from wasting resources and why it’s a good default for flow collection in the UI layer.
Kotlin has all the building blocks we need to build a family tree DSL with a Jetpack Compose inspired syntax.
Libraries and useful resources
Demonstates how to create animated transitions to and from screens using Jetpack Compose
Tor, Romain and Chet chatted with a few people on the Jetpack Compsoe
Class of the week
An AudioProfile is specific to an audio format and lists supported sampling rates and channel masks for that format.
Beyond Android
Gradle 7 introduces the concept of version catalogs