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Make elegant apps with Palette API
While we Android Developers constantly strive to make our apps more efficient under-the-hood, often in this run, we don’t pay much attention to over-the-hood, things that can improvise the app’s look and feel. As a result, we might miss upon the things that are just lying there waiting to be picked up. Recently I came across one — Palette.
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The latest version of Android Studio 4.1 (currently available in Canary) comes with a new gutter icon that allows you to easily navigate between Dagger-related code: dependency producers and consumers, components, subcomponents, and modules! Also, you can find the same information in Find usages.
QR scanning is a common camera use case that developers want to implement in their apps, with CameraX & zxing it's easy to implement.
I’ve been porting the AndroidX collection library to Kotlin multiplatform to experiment with binary compatibility, performance, tooling, and the different memory models. Some of the data structures in the library use array-based binary trees to store elements. The Java code has a lot of shifts to replace power-of-two multiplications and divides. When ported to Kotlin, these turn into the slightly-awkward infix operators which further obfuscate the intent of the code.
We all want our apps to perform better, but we are always confused about how to define the performance or right metrics of performance? is it good or bad? how can we improve or maintain this?
Use your application drawables with theme attributes so that you can seamlessly support multiple app themes or different build variants.
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use shared element transitions, action bar and bottom navigation to make an app that shows a list of random dogs images.
Libraries and useful resources
All ProtonMail apps are now open source, as Android joins the list!
🌠 Transform into a different view or activity using morphing animations

Want to learn the basics of MotionLayout and how to get started with it on Android? In this session, Rebecca walks through the basic components of MotionLayout and how to go about using the Motion Editor in Android Studio Beta. She covers the different concepts: ConstraintSets, Transitions, KeyFrameSets and how to get up and running with a basic Motion Scene. 
In this episode, Romain, Chet and Tor talked (remotely!) with Sally Yuen and Qasid Sadiq from the Accessibility team. We discussed the kinds of tools and facilities that their team provides, and how developers can (and should!) make their applications more accessible. We talked about Accessibility Services, Talkback, Accessibility Scanner, organizational complexities of accessibility efforts, and more.
Class of the week
Describes the information of an application process's death.
Beyond Android
Some of the people watching our repos have been asking us what the deal was with this little new HIPS project (which by the way stands for Hidden In Plain Sight). Well, now you know! HIPS is about using a new Chrome WebRTC API called “Insertable Streams” to add a second layer of end-to-end encryption to media streams in a way that would make them inaccessible to the video router.