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Easy Custom Keyboard with InputConnection
An overlooked gem for creating a custom keyboard on Android.
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The following are some reasons whether your team should invest migrating from Dagger to Hilt.
Almost in every Android-based application there are item lists in one form or another. To display those lists on the screen developers use RecyclerView as the most fluent, friendly and resource non-intensive component. But, as it always happens, one and the same component in different use environments can behave absolutely differently. 

Learn how to run your side effects 🌀 bound to the @Composable lifecycle. What is a side effect? 🌀 Any Android applications contain side effects. They are also called “effects” quite often, in case you’ve been wondering. A side effect is essentially anything that escapes the scope of the function.

Project Mainline is one of the biggest changes to Android in recent years. While you as a consumer may not notice this change, it fundamentally alters how Android operates as an open-source operating system, with more power now resting in the hands of Google than ever before. Whether this increase in control is good or bad is a topic for a different debate. Now, Google plans to include the Android Runtime (ART) as an updatable Mainline module in Android 12.
Testing launch performance can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.
Libraries and useful resources
Android app to showcase complex UI/Animations with and without MotionLayout.
The fragments of today are not the fragments of even a year ago, much less those of 5+ years ago. This week, the documentation for fragments has been effectively rewritten from scratch bringing it up to speed with the best practices of 2020. - Ian Lake
In this first ever episode in English, Yannick and Benjamin have a chat with Benjamin Baxter from Google about Android TV and the new Chromecast with Google TV.
Class of the week
The CoordinatorLayout.Behavior for a View within a CoordinatorLayout to hide the view off the bottom of the screen when scrolling down, and show it when scrolling up.
Beyond Android
Let's be frank, Git is/was not very intuitive. I gave up following the updates to the project because at least for me it was very boring, nothing was added to help the daily routine. But I'm glad I was wrong and recently(2.27 and beyond) two shortcuts were added to Git which are a good step in the right path.