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Java vs. Kotlin — Part 1: Performance - Jakub Anioła
Almost one year ago, I was a student at the Poznań University of Technology studying Software Engineering, thinking about master thesis subject. All of the recommended subjects seemed boring or totally out of the scope of my interests, so I decided to come up with my own topic for the research.
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In 2015 Android introduced MIDI support. Android has billions of users which means there's a whole lot of people with MIDI compatible devices in their pocket! In this article I'll explore the most popular types of MIDI applications on Android and how to choose the right MIDI API when developing your own app.
This past week saw the release of the latest (and final!) preview release for Android Q. But, in typical Android fashion, there were many other things happening as well that you probably also care about. Here’s a roundup of recent Android happenings.
In this Advanced Kotlin Coroutines Tutorial for Android, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Kotlin Coroutines by replacing common asynchronous programming methods, such as Thread, in an Android app.
More than two years ago, Architecture Components were introduced to the Android world, in order to improve the way we develop our apps. A core part of these components is the ViewModel with LiveData, which is an observable lifecycle-aware data holder to connect an Activity with a ViewModel. ViewModels output data and Activities consume it.
Let’s say that you want to pre-populate your database with data either packaged in your APK or downloaded from server. Whether you wanted to do this with SQLite or with Room, there are several things to handle: opening the database, validating the schema, locking the database file and handling thread synchronisation, copying all the contents and closing the database.
Image loading for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines.
Multiple samples showing the best practices in animation on Android.
In this episode Donn and Kaushik sit down with Instacart Engineer Colin White to discuss a new image library he has created called Coil.
Class of the week
A class loader that loads classes from .jar and .apk files containing a classes.dex entry. This can be used to execute code not installed as part of an application.
Beyond Android
Huawei’s rumored operating system is now less of a rumor and more of a reality. At the Huawei Developer Conference, they announced Harmony OS, to be used on the Honor Vision TV and perhaps the Honor Smart Screen.