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Exploring Moshi’s Kotlin Code Gen – Zac Sweers
Tabloids are attention grabbers! They are a great way of promoting primary content. Tabloids are commonly used to display top stories or showcase popular items.
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Since there are a lot of new stuff at Google IO 2018 I decided to make a small article with useful android links.

People often miss the difference between Iterable and Sequence. It is explainable. Especially when you compare Iterable and Sequence…

Moshi lets you apply custom deserialization semantics using annotations.

Part 1: The basic idea

With recent Android releases dealing with background, it has become more complicated than ever.

Sceneform is a 3D framework, with a physically based renderer, that's optimized for mobile, and that makes it easy for Java developers to build augmented reality apps.
In this episode of Fragmented, Kaushik talks to Chiuki & Huyen from Android Dialogs and Russell & Philip from Pocket Casts. Fresh after IO we huddled in a room to talk about our first impressions and what we thought were some of the highlights for us Android developers.
With Architecture Components, the role of Fragments has evolved. This session will explore the changing responsibilities of a Fragment and talk about ongoing...

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Represents a virtual display. The content of a virtual display is rendered to a Surface that you must provide to createVirtualDisplay(). 
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