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Android Jetpack Compose — Exploring State Based UI
This Article walks through step by step implementation of Compose UI to load data into Grid with paging, along with loading and error UI.

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Many years ago, Trello Android used a fairly simple git branching strategy - or so we thought at the time.
Delegates help you delegate tasks to other objects and provide better code reuse which you can learn more about in this article. Kotlin not only supports an easy way to implement delegates with by keyword but also provides built-in delegates such as, lazy(), observable(), vetoable() and notNull(), in the Kotlin Standard Library. 
After significant investment in understanding how best to build the Android Platform correctly and quickly, we are pleased to announce that the Android Platform is migrating from its current build systems (Soong and Make) to Bazel. 
Android App Bundle is the new and official publishing format for Android applications.
Low effort and scalable at the same time!

Libraries and useful resources
Android library for viewing and sharing in app databases.
On today’s episode of App Bundles for MAD Skills, Android Developer Advocate Wojtek Kaliciński will walk you through some of the tools you should be using when handling Android App Bundles. Wojtek will also share a few Play Console tips and tricks to make your life easier!
Class of the week
API for providing navigation status for instrument cluster.
Beyond Android
Today, we are excited to release the Objectron dataset, a collection of short, object-centric video clips capturing a larger set of common objects from different angles. Each video clip is accompanied by AR session metadata that includes camera poses and sparse point-clouds. The data also contain manually annotated 3D bounding boxes for each object, which describe the object’s position, orientation, and dimensions.