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Android Studio plugins and tools
As android developers, we get more and more great solutions that make it easier for us to work with Android Studio.

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In 2021, we are continuing with our annual target API level update, requiring new apps to target API level 30 (Android 11) in August and in November for all app updates.
Does your app have the potential to impact millions of people worldwide? Make sure it can reach as many as possible!
Since the announcement of Jetpack Compose, followed by the developer and alpha releases of the framework, excitement has been building around getting this into our apps.

High-level summary of Kotlin Coroutines framework for Android developers with code examples and many tips.

Libraries and useful resources
Official Jetpack Compose samples
A demo app to show how to detect screenshots taken by the user while using the app.
Welcome to a special episode of the App Bundles series for MAD Skills.
Class of the week
A helper class to extract prominent colors from an image.
Beyond Android
Interactive list of the best fonts for developers with options to preview fonts and themes