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Conquering Android Camera APIs
As an Android developer, one of the worst phrases I could hear was, "We want a custom in-app camera." If you’ve ever worked with Android Camera APIs, you probably know why almost everyone dislikes it. If you haven’t had to tackle this challenge, be grateful.

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What’s new in Android lifecycle and Coroutines integration with lifecycleScope and LiveData building blocks.

At the Google I/O 2019 we had two great talks related with Gradle in Android projects: “What’s new in Android Studio Build System” and “Build Bigger, Better: Gradle for Large Projects”.
If you’ve ever used the Camera APIs on Android, you may have felt that they’ve never been the simplest thing to implement. There was originally the Camera API, which was deprecated in favour of the Camera2 API — this iteration aimed to provide developers with a better experience when dealing with camera APIs on Android. However....
Kotlin coroutines provide an API that enables you to write asynchronous code. With Kotlin coroutines, you can define aCoroutineScope which helps you to manage when your coroutines should run. Each asynchronous operation runs within a particular scope.
Observe OKHttp API Calls With Request And Response Details Right In Your Browser!
(un)wrapping extensions for Gson. Contribute to SaeedMasoumi/sweep-gson development by creating an account on GitHub.
In this show, Donn talks with Dan Jarvis about Machine Learning on Android with ML Kit and Tensor flow. They dive deep into what ML (Machine Learning) is, what you need to know as a developer and how to apply those things to build ML applications on Android.
Class of the week
RecyclerView.Adapter base class for presenting List data in a RecyclerView, including computing diffs between Lists on a background thread. This class is a convenience wrapper around AsyncListDiffer that implements Adapter common default behavior for item access and counting.
Beyond Android
I’ve been posting on twitter about how mobile developers should not ignore the Flutter technology and in response I received a lot of questions to why I’m stating this. I hope this post clarifies why I’m bullish on Flutter.