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How to Support Themes in Custom Views for Android Apps
Have you ever supported multiple themes in your application? You made a new theme, added new colors, made a new build and everything looked shiny – except your custom view? Learn how to prepare a custom view that won't fall apart.

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Kotlin Coroutines allow us to model asynchronous problems like synchronous code. That’s great, but most usage seems to concentrate on I/O tasks and concurrent operations. Coroutines are great at modelling problems which work across threads, but can also model asynchronous problems on the same thread.
A vulnerability in millions of fully patched Android phones is being actively exploited by malware that's designed to drain the bank accounts of infected users, researchers said on Monday.
During the keynote at KotlinConf, Andrey highlighted our strategic view on the current areas of focus for the evolution of Kotlin, and our plans for Kotlin 1.4 which will be released some time next year.
This post covers some of the basics of Kotlin serialisation, and what was learned along the way.

Many programming languages support programming in both functional programming and imperative styles; So does the Kotlin programming language.

Libraries and useful resources
A family of small Kotlin libraries for delightful Android development.
Tinker is a hot-fix solution library for Android, it supports dex, library and resources update without reinstall apk.
At JetBrains, code is our passion. For over 15 years we have strived to make the strongest, most effective developer tools on earth.
Class of the week
An entity class that describes the information required to send transactions between a device and an online DRM server.
Beyond Android
If you have read all blog post until now, you might have come to the realization that immutability is a core conecept in functional programming. In this blog post, we will take a look at a pattern that can help us update and extract data from large immutable data structures.