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New APIs in the Android Gradle Plugin
The Android Gradle Plugin is the supported build system for Android applications and includes support for compiling many different types of sources and linking them together into an application that you can run on a physical Android device or an emulator.
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Gradle buildSrc approach has one major flaw — it invalidates a build cache on any change. In this article, describe how to avoid it.
We want to build an emulator that complements physical devices by providing features that are only made possible by a virtual device.
We continue to highlight the upcoming changes in 1.4 release. In this blogpost, we want to describe a couple of important features related to coroutines:New functionality to conveniently debug corout

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Libraries and useful resources
Ready-to-use recipes for common build customizations that showcase the Android Gradle plugin's public APIs and DSL.
A Neumorphism library for Android, supporting customizations for shadows/highlights to selected child views.
Material Design is a system for building bold and beautiful digital products. By uniting style, branding, interaction, and motion under a consistent set of principles and components, product teams can realize their greatest design potential.
The new Android Performance Tuner is a library within the Android Game SDK that unlocks game performance insights within Android vitals.
Android work profiles separate work apps and data from your personal apps and data for when personal devices are needed to access work.
Class of the week
This class represents a node of the window content as well as actions that can be requested from its source. From the point of view of an AccessibilityService a window's content is presented as a tree of accessibility node infos, which may or may not map one-to-one to the view hierarchy. In other words, a custom view is free to report itself as a tree of accessibility node info.
Beyond Android
Shell is the essential tool for every programmer. The more familiar you become with the available tools, the more efficient you can be with using your computer. Here's a list of command-line tools written in Rust that aim to provide modern, often much faster, alternatives to the existing shell commands.