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Handling Kotlin Exceptions with Kategory – A Functional Approach
Roberto Guerra illustrates how to use a Kotlin library called Kategory to handle Java libraries that throw exceptions and how to create our own APIs to be more type safe.
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Learn how to use Guidelines, Barriers, Chains and Groups in ConstraintLayout in Android using the new Android layout editor.

One of the biggest strengths of RxJava is its ability to easily schedule work and process results on various threads. 
Automate all the things!
Kotlin has the concept of Delegated Properties which allows you to create common functionality and it can be re-used to do custom actions.

As of version 11.2.0, Google Play services includes a set of tools designed to give developers a easier way to express the open source software notices of libraries used in their apps
Intents are an integral part of any app. Thanks to Kotlin, we can now simplify the way we can use them. 

Summer may be gone, but COBE's tradition of exploring different libs every month is still quite alive.

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Utility class to create ViewDataBinding from layouts.
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