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Here's everything new and hidden in Android 11 Developer Preview 4

Google recently released Android 11 Developer Preview 4, and here's everything new and hidden we have managed to find in this new release of Android!

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WindowManager is a recent addition to Android Jetpack that aims to help application developers support new device form factors and provide a common API surface for different Window Manager features on both old and new platform versions. The initial release is aimed at foldable devices, and future versions will be extended to support more display types and window features.
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use realistic, physics-based animations like fling animations and spring animations in your Android apps. 
In today’s world we hear almost everyday about some data breach or millions of user accounts sold on the dark web by the group of hackers so it becomes very necessary to implement the security features into an application.
One of the key points in a CI process is to increase code quality of your codebase. One way of doing that is to insure that the code coverage always increases while technical debt decreases, making code more reliable and secure.
Libraries and useful resources
Java library for mocking response in Retrofit Service
COVIDSafe android app.
🥪 A lightweight Android network response API for handling data and error response with transformation extensions.
Dagger in multi-module projects by Hadi Tok
Class of the week
A utility class for installing a dynamically updatable Provider to replace the platform default provider.
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