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Android Runtime — How Dalvik and ART work?
In this article you’ll learn how Android Runtime works, what is ART, DALVIK, JIT and AOT and how runtime evolved to make our apps faster 🚀

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In Kotlin, null safety is a first-class concept. In this chapter, we'll learn all about nulls, including how to manage them with tools like smart casts, elvis operators, safe-call operators, and more.
Measuring user action response times is critical to ensure a good user experience. Taps are the most common action apps must respond to. Can we measure Tap Response Time?
I want to tell you about a strange situation that I faced as a developer. Somewhere in early March, I saw a message in Google Admob that some app (Blue Clean) was making ad requests, but it was not added to the app-ads.txt file. This app did not belong to me, so I did not pay attention to it. Then I received a letter from Admob that it was necessary to take action. In the admob account, I saw that the warning was associated with the removal of the app.
A quick review on Android 12’s new feature: App Overlay Control.
Libraries and useful resources
A simple yet powerful parameterized test runner for Java.
Welcome back to the second series for MAD Skills on Navigation. In this episode, we will take a look at how to integrate Navigation with UI components such as action bar, bottom tabs, or drawers. 
Class of the week
Class that provides a privileged API to capture and consume bugreports.
Beyond Android
Anyone who spends a lot of time working with Git will eventually need to do some form of context switching. Sometimes this adds very little overhead to your workflow, but other times, it can be a real pain. Let's discuss the pros and cons of some common strategies for dealing with context switching.