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Don’t Run Benchmarks on a Debuggable Android App
Nathanael Silverman retracts his claim that Kotlin coroutines can take over 100ms to initialize.
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If you’re using multiple processes, then you should be aware that the new AndroidX App Startup library may not work as you expect it to.
Providing visual feedback to the user is very important. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about Dialogs, Snackbars, and Toasts.
Separating the public API and implementation detail of android ViewModels.
In part 1 Ian Alexander took a look at how lists work in Jetpack Compose. Now he is going to take a look at how the list elements come together in reality.
The Google Play Core Library adds support for in-app reviews, allowing users to submit ratings and reviews without leaving your app.
Libraries and useful resources
Dagger now supports assisted injection
A Collection on all Jetpack compose UI elements, Layouts, Widgets, and Demo screens to see it's potential
Live Q&A of the Kotlin and Jetpack APIs for MAD Skills series hosted by Android Developer Relations Engineer Chet Haase. This time, Chet is joined by Florina Muntenescu, Manuel Vicente Vivo, David Winer, and Yigit Boyar 
Class of the week
A span which styles paragraphs by adding a vertical stripe at the beginning of the text (respecting layout direction).
Beyond Android
Mehdi Zed is going to show us the worst pieces of code he has ever seen. Some devilries that should never be produced!