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Multi-module Navigation in Android
Migrating your app to a feature-wise multi-module architecture and wondering if navigational dependencies would cause circular dependencies?
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What the contract of the equals is and why we should care.
What started off as a comment “Hey, what if we animated this like a rainbow, that’d be cool!”, ended up shipping to users as a cute easter egg available in the app today.
Learn how to use the object keyword in Kotlin to define singleton, companion and anonymous objects and to ensure Java interoperability.
The best solution is to avoid the problem altogether by not mixing non-null default values with nullability. A property should either be nullable OR have a non-null default value, but not both.
Libraries and useful resources
Multiple samples showing the best practices in storage APIs on Android
In this episode, Donn talks about the importance of following code conventions and coding styles in codebases.
Did you miss the latest in Google Play updates at Google I/O 2021? Developer Advocate Dan Galpin will recap the top three announcements from this year’s Google I/O
Class of the week
This class represents rules around how a context being created via Context.createContext should behave.
Beyond Android
Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will run Android apps installable using Amazon App Store. This is going to send ripples throughout the…