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Dagger 2 and Jetpack Compose Integration
Highlighting the advantages of DI is not the purpose of this article, but almost all of the project needs it. In the official documentation, it’s easy to learn how to use Hilt with Jetpack Compose; however, in the real world, most of us have been using Dagger 2 for dependency injections.
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Jetpack Compose introduces a novel way to handle observable state.
With the Android 12 beta now available, we're starting to learn more about the new features that the latest version of Android gives to us. One of the things that caught my eye here is the introduction of a Splash Screen API
An article on billion-dollar mistakes, the ones that are assumed and the ones that stay un-spoken and...
The Configuration API is a corner stone of the dependency management in Gradle. Despite all of them being Configurations, the “bucket of dependencies”, resolvable and consumable configuration are very different.
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The Official App for DroidKaigi 2021
On this episode of the second MAD Skills series on Navigation, Murat will demonstrate a live coding session on using the Navigation component in feature modules. 
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Utility class for DisplayHash requests used to validate information about what was present on screen.
Beyond Android
More desktop UI goodies are coming your way! Milestone 4, the latest version of Compose for Desktop, comes packed with features to help you build even better Kotlin desktop applications