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How to Prepare Your Android App for a Pentest: The Bits and Pieces
Various cases to consider when preparing your Android app for a pentest.
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Starting in December 2021, we are expanding this to billions more devices. This feature will automatically be enabled on devices with Google Play services that are running Android 6.0 (API level 23) or higher.
Over the years, you’ve asked us for better user and permission management tools in Play Console to help you handle growth efficiently and with confidence. And with the redesigned Google Play Console, we did just that.
An article about how to use gesture animations in Jepack Compose to swipe away an item in a list while a cool animation is being executed.
Tools that will help you automate analyzing code of Android projects and improve code quality
Libraries and useful resources
A tiny Kotlin API for cheap logging on top of Android's normal Log class.
Add a shimmer effect to the layout in Android Compose
Hello World, it's high time we talked Singletons
Class of the week
Carousel is a motion helper object to easily build custom "carousel" views – showing a list of elements that a user can skim through.
Beyond Android
How prooven development processes from mobile development can be utilised in the new automotive domain.