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How to Screw Over Your Beta Users Without Really Trying

An addendum to this week's post about releasing buggy apps: a story of how everything can go wrong. Trello Android has a beta program filled with lovely beta testers who willingly volunteer to try our less-than-perfect builds. One way to screw over your beta users is to send them buggy

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Kotlin has Nothing but there is nothing like Nothing in Java
A pun-filled post on kotlin.Nothing type

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These 6 features immediately tell me that your Android Team has their shit together

6 quick litmus tests to sort the apps polished by a well oiled machine from those wobbling on a rusty lathe.

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Dependency Injection: the pattern without the framework

It’s actually good!

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magnet - Dependency inversion library for Android

Dan Lew @ DevFestMN 2018 - Re-Architecting Applications (Without a Rewrite!) - YouTube

Dan's Slides :

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The properties describing a CameraDevice.
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