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What’s Now in Android
One of the most amazing things about Google I/O is the livestream/video portion of the event. It’s great if you can make it in person to the event, especially because we get to talk to you to see what problems or questions you have. But not everyone can get a ticket, or travel, or take the time away from their code. So we live-stream nearly all of the content and publish recordings of all of the technical sessions to make sure that everyone everywhere can see the presentations and get the highlights of the conference and the current state of Android.
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The Unidirectional Data Flow (UDF) pattern has improved the usability and performance of Coinverse since the first beta launched in February. Coinverse is the first app creating audiocasts covering technology and news in cryptocurrency. Upgrades using UDF include more efficient newsfeed creation, removal of adjacent native ads, and faster audiocast loading.
Wrapping up this series on modularization I’d like to share some of the things we’ve learned at Philips Hue while going through this process the past year.
Extension Functions (and properties) are a new thing for Java developers, they are present in C# since long but they landed in the JVM land for the first time by courtesy of Kotlin.
Hello everyone, in this article we will learn to implement animated, 😍beautiful, rich and stylish🎨 Material Dialog in the app using MaterialDialog android library.
Android developers should collect the following utils(updating).
Freelancing as an Android developer with Donn Felker.
In this episode, Donn talks about Kotlin Lambda Expressions. He explains the syntax and how to build a couple of simple lambda expressions with and without type inference and declaration. We wrap up with a small example of passing a small lambda with multiple values to a function. See the show notes below for more info. This is part 1 of a multi-part series on Lambda Expressions in Kotlin.
Class of the week
A RemoteInput object specifies input to be collected from a user to be passed along with an intent inside a PendingIntent that is sent. Always use RemoteInput.Builder to create instances of this class.
Beyond Android
Announced at WWDC last week, SwiftUI is a new declarative UI framework that is described as an “innovative, exceptionally simple way to build user interfaces across all Apple platforms with the power of Swift.”. This approach to UI development has been popularised recently with emergence of Flutter, something that was also likely the inspiration for Jetpack Compose which was announced at Google I/O a few weeks back (SwiftUI appears to be at a significantly more advanced state of maturity than Jetpack Compose and is available to try out in Xcode 11 beta…but also important to note that it does require iOS 13).