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Hi! Lately, we discussed ViewModel. Today we’ll talk about LiveData, which is a lifecycle-aware observable data holder. Let’s start!

I recently helped out with a hero animation in an app used to track and reward progress. Unfortunately I can’t share this animation just…

Are you wondering when to show ‘rate app’ dialog? After 10th app opening? After using all app functions? Both? How about letting AI decide…

Detecting user activity in android can de done very easily using ActivityRecognitionClient. You can detect user activities like Still, Running, Walking, Cycling, Tilting, Driving etc., We can see this API widely used in lot of fitness apps (like GoogleFit) to provide user activity info like number steps he is taken, the distance he is travelled.

Welcome to part 2 of this blog series on using lifecycle-aware Android Architecture Components (LiveData and ViewModel) along with Firebase Realtime Database to implement more robust and testable apps!

kotshi - An annotations processor that generates Moshi adapters from immutable Kotlin data classes.

RxTest - Kotlin DSL for testing RxJava2.

In this episode, we talk to Alex Lockwood who created, while at Google. Shape Shifter is an amazing tool that can help developers create Animated Vector Drawables without losing all their hair. Think of shapeshifter as a developer-friendly, open source, After Effects alternative for Android developers.
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Entry point for the callback from the JobScheduler.
This is the base class that handles asynchronous requests that were previously scheduled. You are responsible for overriding onStartJob(JobParameters), which is where you will implement your job logic.

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