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Android Developers Blog: Continuous Shared Element Transitions: RecyclerView to ViewPager
Transitions in Material Design apps provide visual continuity. As the user navigates the app, views in the app change state. Motion and transformation reinforce the idea that interfaces are tangible, connecting common elements from one view to the next.
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Getting them working

Hi there everyone, welcome to article number 6 on the series. Today we’ll be looking at Kotlin Sealed classes and how they can take enums…

Playing with animations is always fun but, sometimes, it’s really hard to create them, because you need to do a lot of measurements…

In my previous article I explained why everyone should use ProGuard. In this part, I’d like to talk about the practical examples of rules

Demystify how styles work and how to read platform’s styles.xml file. Understand how styles are applied to views and how to customize them.


QuickPermissions - The most easiest way to handle Android Runtime Permissions


Class of the week
Holds information about the content an application is viewing, to hand to an assistant at the user's request. This is filled in byActivity.onProvideAssistContent.
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