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Android Developers Blog: Capturing Audio in Android Q
In Android Q there's a new API which allows applications to capture the audio of other applications. It's called the AudioPlaybackCapture API and it enables some important use cases for easier content sharing and accessibility.
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Master some hidden gems of Android Studio and improve your overall development efficiency with these Android Development tips and tricks.
Google I/O 2019 finished recently and we got our updates on the latest improvement of our favorite SDK. What particularly piqued my interest was the presentation by Nicolas Roard and John Hoford on upcoming functionalities of Constraint Layout, and more precisely, its offspring, MotionLayout. 
Our code in Kotlin’s Coroutines may throw exceptions and managing them is not always as straightforward as we may think. Let’s examine the rules and offer some tips on how to deal with them.
Is this an Android bug? Hard to say, it's quite unexpected to have a view remove itself from its parent from within its onAttachedToWindow()parent. That being said, a lot of apps still use an MVP architecture and rely on onAttachedToWindow() to wire up presenters. And don't forget Murphy's law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Android port of Google's libphonenumber.
Do comprehensions for Kotlin and 3rd party libraries
Alligator is a modern Android navigation library that will help to organize your navigation code in clean and testable way.
Donn sits down with Buffer Android Lead, Joe Birch. Joe is a GDE for Android, Google Actions, Flutter and Google Pay. In this episode Donn and Joe talk about Clean Architecture, what it is, and why you might want to use it.
Class of the week
Base class for derived classes that want to save and restore their own state in View.onSaveInstanceState().
Beyond Android
Kotlin Multiplatform and Flutter are often considered as competitors. It is just the opposite. Their ambitions do not overlap, and they might help each other a lot. All that is needed is Kotlin and Dart being interoperable. As long as they are not, they are competitors. Let’s talk about this hard relationship that will most likely shape the future of Android.