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Exceptions in Kotlin Flows - Roman Elizarov
Kotlin Flow can complete normally or with an exception. When this exception is expected it has to handled. How? That’s a story.

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From Android Q onwards devices can now operate in a fully gestural system navigation mode. In that mode, there is no longer an on-screen back button, instead users can swipe from both edges to navigate back.
In this tutorial you will learn what Scalable Vector Graphics are and how to create and manipulate Vector Graphics on Android.
Regular readers of Styling Android may have guessed that I rather enjoy animating things. MotionLayout offers amazing scope for animations and it’s possible to create some really interesting animations using it. We’ve looked at how to implement a Collapsing Toolbar previously on Styling Android, but we’re not limited to just mimicking existing behaviours which can be achieved using other Android APIs, MotionLayout gives us some real scope to get funky. In this article we’ll push the boundaries a bit and explore some interesting techniques that we can use with MotionLayout.
In this first part of articles focused on App Actions I want to take a quick look into exactly what they are, how they work and what they can do for our apps. Throughout the following articles we will look deeper into these topics and learn how to implement app actions for ourselves.
Intuitive command line interface parsing for Kotlin
Sample application pointing some security related practices on Android device.
Marcel Schnelle joins Donn in this episode to talk about how to get your application under test and some steps to go from scared to confident in your testing process. The second half of the show they dive in deep to JUnit 5 and its new features. JUnit 5 is backwards compatible with JUnit 4 and offers a slew of new features and extensibility points which make the framework much more appealing going forward. We’re convinced you’ll enjoy this episode and leave wanting to get your app under test – even more than it already is.
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An instance of this abstract class can transform a source tree into a result tree. An instance of this class can be obtained with the TransformerFactory#newTransformer method. This instance may then be used to process XML from a variety of sources and write the transformation output to a variety of sinks.

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In our first post in this series, we discussed the need for proactively addressing memory safety issues. Tools and guidance are demonstrably not preventing this class of vulnerabilities; memory safety issues have represented almost the same proportion of vulnerabilities assigned a CVE for over a decade. We feel that using memory-safe languages will mitigate this in ways that tools and training have not been able to.